AP EDCET Counselling 2013 | EDCET 2013 Counselling

AP EDCET Counselling 2013 | EDCET 2013 Counselling

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AP EDCET Counselling 2013: A Common Entrance Test, designated as Education Common Entrance Test-2013 (Ed.CET-2013) will be conducted by the CONVENER, Ed.CET-2013,  Andhra University, Visakhapatnam on behalf of the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education for admission into B.Ed. Regular Course in the Colleges of Education in Andhra Pradesh for the academic year 2013-2014.

 APEDCET (B.Ed-2013) Counselling dates announced. Click here for Details

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  1. counselling is from 29 sept 2013

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    • Due to previous election session the counciling dates are delayed,Now Separate telangana announcement government will asking advice of central govt, so it further delay….to notice the councilling…..

  43. Good morning sir,please send me edcet counsiling dates..

  44. Please let us know counseling dates, we don’t have any idea … still not getting any update

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    It wld b a favour plzz sir send me da details
    Thank q ……

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  66. please sir kindly send d details of counseling dates and its process.my rank is 1164 is this possible to get d seat in d local colleges and if u dont mind can you suggest d good colleges in shadnagar /dist mahaboobnagar. and my mail id z madhavi85.p@gmail.com

  67. please sir kindly send d details of counseling dates and its process.my rank is 1164 is this possible to get d seat in d local colleges and if u dont mind can you suggest d good colleges in shadnagar /dist mahaboobnagar

  68. concling Date tel me eny badi

  69. plz send details of Edcet counselling dates. and what certificates we should bring while coming to counselling.

    • 1. Hall Ticket, Rank card
      2. Degree Provisional Certificates and Memorandum of Marks along with Pass Certificate of Intermediate or its equivalent
      3. SSC
      4. Study Certificates from 9th class to Graduation
      5. Residence Certificate for preceding 7 years of the qualifying examination i.e. Degree in respect of candidates who have private study without any institutionalized education,
      6. Integrated Community certificate
      7. Residence Certificate of father or mother for a period of 10 years in A.P. excluding the period of their employment outside A.P. from M.R.O. in case of Non local candidates
      8. T C
      9. Income certificate and
      10. Minority Certificate

  70. sir please send me counselling date and details

  71. Sir Please send me Counselling Date Center

  72. you should keep this below certificates at the time of edce counseling.TC,study conducts frm 9th cls.,cast income,ht,rankcard,all memos,degree provisional.

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    • mr.saleem..not yet released official schedule regards edcet counclling….wait…it will come soon…short time.

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    ThankQ Sir

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  88. Inform details about edcet counseling dates&certificates required for verification

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    plz inform abt the counselling date and place

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  93. in the web its writted 3 helpline centresi( certification verification) for hyd ie JNTU, NIZAMS, & COLLEGE OF SCIENCE
    I have been to these centres .there is no trace of such helpline of B.ed 2013..Over that no one there has proper info to give.Even the b.ed college in OU campus does not know abt this..
    There is so much confusion with this web counselling..
    When the 1st date of admission is prescribed from june 29th to 7th july..why has not the councelling started yet..

  94. pls send me counceling dates and other information.pls

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  101. T.Preethi Devi

    Plz send all the details for counselling

  102. T.Preethi Devi

    please send me edcet counseeling dates and details
    Plz send me list of certificates needed at counselling

  103. Respected sir,
    please send to me the Ed.Cet Counselling schedule.I got 8211 rank.can i get a seat in Vijayawada ?Pls tell me…..

  104. pls send the counseling dates early as possible

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  106. hello sir i got 2120 rank in methodoly 2 can i get seat in ou campus please send list of b ed colleges near by secunderabad

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    please send your information.

  118. I got 32000 rank ..can I get in local college.come to my caste is ST .Plz give me a reply sir.

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  122. I got 15582 rank i want college in dis hydrabad BC-B

  123. I got 15582 rank i want college in dis hydrabad

  124. pls let me know counselling date and certificate verification venue,and also let me know what certificate are to be kept ready for edcet.

    thank you

  125. anyone knows any details of EDCET couselling pls share

  126. i want details abt edcet cauncelling n venue of certification

  127. kindly send me conselling dates with the ranks and the centers of conselling.

  128. kindly send me conselling dates with the ranks and the centers of conselling

  129. sir, when u will give the details of counselling, from tomorrow(29.06.13) the couselling will be starting but there are no details of colleges where the couselling will be held.
    please update the details in the site.
    Thank u

  130. Please send me the consiling details&instructions certificates details&counsiling center details

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    Nd place?


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  143. all the best

  144. Ed cet counseling should be starts from july 1st week for more details go to http://www.edcet.apsche.ac.in web site all the best friends

  145. Please send me the Ed cet counselling dates.

  146. please send edcet counsiling date and details

  147. yacha naveenarani

    please send me Ed cet counsiling dates and details

    • Hello! Naveena rani,till now there is no official notification issued.so pls check the below website for latest information about councelling.

  148. plss send the counsiling dates and intructions

  149. Please send me Ed cet Counselling dates and detail

  150. Sir,
    could you please send me edcet counselling dates.

  151. pls send me counseling schedule

  152. please send me Ed.cet counselling dates.and i want to know which certificates are need at the time of Ed.cet counselling.

  153. i want to know that which certificates are need at the time of edced counsiling…plz tel me

  154. respected Sir,
    Kindly send Ed.cet counselling dates and details on my mail id.

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